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I was wondering why my drive belt keep coming off, upon checking underneath my mower I found a cracked frame on both sides and crack axle brackets on both sides. Spoke to Lowe's store manager 3 days ago and was told he had to text the corporate office, submit the pictures of my defective Husqvarna 54 inch tractor and wait for their response in order for me to return the tractor. The kicker is, its still under warranty.

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I also have a LGT2654 Husqvarna riding mower and have the same issue. My rear drive pulley actually broke and belt came off.

I replaced two of the three drive pulleys and belt and noticed the belt was twisting between the rear end and the rear drive pulley. After about an hour of trying to determine why I noticed the frame was broken on BOTH sides. The mower is around 5 years old and has always been maintained and kept in garage. Also, the front end bushings are constantly wearing out no matter how much grease I use and now both front tires are way out of alignment.

The only good thing I can say about it is the Kohler engine runs great!

I just called Corporate and no one ever answered. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!

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